play .mp3; works only offline. why not online?

I do that script, but that works only in Offline-Editor :/, why not in Online-mode?

if (playerenters) {
playlooped begin.mid;


Maybe you have sounds turned down, or the file is too large.

it have 663 KB (679.104 Bytes)

Is it uploaded to the server?

Do i need to upload it in “sounds” or “world” ?

Offline it works from your ‘world’ folder, but online it’ll need to be uploaded to your ‘sounds’ folder to work.

Dunno if that’s even true

To be honest, I don’t know for sure either.
Regardless, it couldn’t hurt for it to be in the appropriate folder.

If the worlds folder doesn’t have .mid set in folder config then midi files will not work in the worlds folder.

i though graal just allow midi. does it allow mp3?



Graal allows .mp3’s,midi’s, & wavs. You don’t have to upload the music to the server. an example would be:

if (playerenters) { play;}

no uploading anything, all it has to be is a link.
this works offline and online!
sorry if it doesn’t work, I use it on my server and it works fine!