Playerworld Admin (PWA)

I am of the opinion that a Playerworld Administration Team should be set up to help out with the current Playerworld situation on Reborn. It seems that the quality of servers in general is going down, therefore i would like either an unoffical or offical team to be set up to help out any Playerworld that would like some general or specific help.

As I see it this help would include:
1.) Scripting Help/Advice
2.) Level Help/Advice
3.) Server Management Help/Advice
4.) General Help/Advice for Beginers

All that would be required would be a server to operate off of, as well as a team of Reborn members who can help with the aforementioned items. This team would need to be made up of people that are ACTUALLY WILLING TO HELP rather than treat the “noobs” with contempt.

Please consider this request as i feel that it will help Reborn as a whole.

-Thank you for your time, Urza

I really do feel Beholder should lead that team.

I vote for Urza! I can do 1 and 2 also. Can’t do 1 as well as Beholder can though.

No one here could do 1 as well as Beholder…
Either way making the team would be hard because of the lack of people who want to help other servers…

I have already set up the forum group. I’ll add a global guild called PWA or something alike and a system to add remove people from this list.

we all know Beholder would not want anything to do with this, he has alrdy told me this when i brought it up to him a while back, yes it is a better idea then any of us could come up with id def like to be on this team, god knows i help ppl all the time when they come on Kandora all day long and ask for server help, and Urza would prolly be the best person to run this team, but thats just how i feel about it, not saying how it should be just how i feel, but i do think its a great idea.

Now the question is which of you Staff would like to be the head of the team?

Also, who would like to join said team after it is created?

(Please don’t bother to respond if you can’t be serious)

hook me up with a job :stuck_out_tongue:

Put me in charge! I’ll make and maintain a tutorial world for testbed that we can also post on the forums to go over basic leveling and scripting. I kid around on the forums, but I tend to spend a lot of time helping noobs with whatever game-side.

I’m fine with you guys being PWA, supposedly takes some trouble away from me, probably means I’ll be seeing you guys more though ;D LOL

Levels are my specialty.

mine as well and GFX aka GAT:pluffy:

I don’t mind, either. Of course, I’ll be on my Super Mod group.

You better put me on as a NAT.

And keep it small, for fuck’s sake.

I’m very good with levels, and I have basic scripting knowledge and can do some of the advance scripting but not too much.

How bout just being a PWA.
I don’t think anyone expects you to actually make things for them, but help them instead.

…And kick them to the curb if they get too noisy.

I’m very talented with GFX, Levels, && etc. I love to help other people out, as I did on Graal. It’s a good way to help people get started, & finished with their server. Everyone needs help every now, & then.

I do levels and graphics. I can tell you which way to go, good content resources and overall be a helpful guy.

If thing is still alive I’d definitively through my hat in for the levels job.

I like helping people, am fairly articulate, fairly organized, always active and love this stupid game.

i am not totally sure what PWA is. I cant even log onto the damn server. it just sits on connecting every time