Playerworld Ratings

On the main site would be nice. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but also inside the client would be nice too. The reason being, if we had ratings we could feature playerworlds on the front page from time to time, kind of like a Top 3 system. That way people aren’t asking “Hey what server is good, guys?” because they have been away from the site for a while.

I don’t think it’s possible to do that on the client, however we could use tabs for ratings I guess (top three on gold, top servers from 7-10 on silver and then the rest on bronze).

Great mockup!

we should make something like whack a hack.


I liked it because you assumed me and kondie where doing something for xialza. lol

rofl I had to make the mock-up seem legit. I just added all those for comedic value.
That dungeon sounds like a good idea though… :confused:

We have to have a playerworld before we have a dungeon, though. xD

You need to get off your ass and draw before we have an overworld >:[[[

we should buy a condom before we fuck.

am I the only one who thinks of tric and kondie as a married couple? lmao

anyway let’s keep it on topic people~

I’m like the third wheel on Xialza, sitting there behind them fighting just waiting to be asked to make a level.

Finally found your usefulness! GJ

lol UI and Site Design isn’t new to me. That’s what I have been saying was what I wanted to bring to GR, but you guys don’t need me.

Nah, you’ve found a niche. We need everyone. No talent should be wasted. So, keep it up.


I remember that.

That reference is now apart of your deleted posts… all those glorious posts. All for naught.


ohh I get it now
The spam bot is posting a bunch of crap, and you had your posts deleted because they were too spammy.

That’s ironic shit right there, that’s what.