Playerworlds update: Server Screenshot


You’re now able to add / change screenshot of your server!
you can do this by going to:
Clicking on your server and then Add screenshot.

Your server has to be online for this to work and it also needs to be registered.

Have fun, peeps!

Uh, is this for the main display pictures, or an actual screenshot section (We even have a place to view’em)?
Also “old_list” acts differently from the other list when involving non-break spaces.

Newer version substitutes them to underscores, which loads up the page, old version offers a blank page o_o

Also failing to see a submit button, though in the case of Bomber Arena, that may be due to an image already uploaded, or it’s adding the file under “Bomber%C2%A0Arena” instead of “Bomber_Arena”

Other than that, it’ll be a great addition.

bah, that’s because you use weird spaces.

It’s the display picture you change. I should place the text under the actual image instead. Ah, well, the functionality is there.

I was hoping for an actual list of screenshots or a screenshot section :[ lol

I could add that aswell. Next year maybe?

haha… ->added ss of getLost… you need to make sure you crop before you can add the image… as in upload->crop->hit dat crop button…

Now make shit for achievements.

Yeah, I don’t want massive 1024x768 screenshots stored on my server, I don’t have unlimited space.

Nice job cadavre ive been waiting for this!

:expressionless: no you haven’t