please help graal wont load

Ok i downloaded graal_222 folder and i loaded up graal and a screen that said “open with” and i chose the same name of the app “Graal.exe” when i did that a screeen came up everything looked fine but where the game is supposed to be it was black can anyone help me?

Uh. Open with? You need to click the .exe program. Are you accidentally clicking graal.sig?

No well yesterday somthin was wrong with my computer “some virus that claims you have a virus” so i removed it deleted some stuff with a program now i have to choose how to open every program on my computer. so when i chose graal.exe the screen came up so i went into browse and clicked the same file Graal_222/Graal.exe but the black screen appears unnder graal.exe i can customize stuff but cant login

O_o… I think you should fix your computer first sir.

im kind of a noob at this stuff do i have to use all those links or just do this “If your EXE file associations are corrupted, it can be difficult to open REGEDIT, or to even import REG files. To work around this, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and open Task Manager. Once there, click File, then hold down the CTRL key and click New Task (Run). This will open a Command Prompt window. Enter REGEDIT.EXE and press Enter.”

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OMG thank you i got it working :slight_smile:

;D lol