Please help i dont understand.

So i was looking this beholder tutorial that how to make ur first map so i did everything right except the last part cause i didnt understand…
And i wanna know whats the problem.
everytime i go to my server i have this level (picture 1)
But not my map.
And i have all the level and map files in the right folder.
So what am i doing wrong?
im posting pictures about the folders and stuff.

download teamviewer 6 and go on PWA and I will help you out bro


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i have it now What do i have to do?

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Should i pm u the ip and pass?

Minecraft! :smiley:

when i helped on teamviewer i was very tempted to open it up and play

IF you have uploaded the levels correctly, and IF they are in the right folder, my guess is that you havent made a way to access them.

i.e Make a link in the first level to another

or change the starting level in the DEFAULTACCOUNT.txt