POLLS: Game Theory Ideas

Please provide feedback if you can on any of these:

So far I have found two theories about what the foundation is and what I want to learn ultimately from this project, aside from enjoying playing it. I also found a third theory about “engaging player experiences” here that is brilliant: (the first and second responses,) dnd 5e - How can I make my enemies feel real and make combat more engaging? - Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

I have some remaining ideas to iron out for this game about what I’m building on top of the foundation and I would appreciate any and all feedback.

  1. [SOLVED: simple enough just had to figure it out, indicating completion of regions with the story and advance through regions with grappling hooks or get through a wall or beat a boss, or be part of a group that controls a territory etc.] What should the overworld feel like? I’m thinking the game needs to feel like super mario world from snes where the player knows where to advance to over time, and has a sense of checkpoints and territory to progress in the story, while simultaneously having dynamic territories controlled by guilds and by one of the three primary sides (rebel, empire, bounty hunter.) Any ideas on the theory behind this or how to simplify it would help as this is one of the remaining things to tackle for me.

  2. Bounties

  • Bounties last 24 hours, only bounty hunters can collect the reward, when a player enters a level it shows their current bounty over their head for a second to bounty hunters.
  • The experience would be easier to play/better to do no bounties.

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  1. Sides
  • A. pick rebel, empire, or bounty and only npcs that are part of your side interact with you
  • B. the quests/npcs depend on what uniform you’re wearing, and the player starts as a mercenary/rebel, and can choose to get a suit and follow missions allowed to outfits for that side
  • C. don’t have sides at all and let them do any quest and just role play as they please
  • D players alignment points determine what npc’s are willing to interact and give you quests

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  1. [SOLVED: personal droids sound fun, I think thats all it needs for that] Should players have repeat items they use like different droids that can unlock gates that give them an advantage. Can anyone help think of anything other than droids that would be repeat “personalized/collectible” type reuse non necessary but still desirable items?

  2. Outfits

  • A. outfits limited to buying at head shield and body shops, and given as part of quests
  • B. let the player choose any outfit combinations at any point, and let the player create their character according to where they currently have progressed and wish to

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  1. [SOLVED: queued matches - open to any features for guilds anyone wants to suggest] Should there be any guild features that would be easy to create that anyone has seen in other games? It feels like there is something to make the guilds more grand, like some type of competitive ladder, or built in areas for high rank only access, but I’m not sure and don’t know any examples where this has worked. One thing that may be involved with creating a ladder is points you accumulate in the arena or for CTF type fortresses. I have an awesome arena that is probably going to be a central aspect. Should this be based on a points system or let the players just figure it out. And what other guild features would be good ideas?

Thanks for any responses in advance.

All great ideas. I would personally like to see a “spar system” that queue players to join. Say 3 rounds. Opponents get warped into arena, loser gets warped out and next player in queue gets warped in with countdown.

That makes sense I’m going to make it like queued matches. Thanks for the feedback. Any other ideas on anything?

These are the game theories:

  1. optimal game trajectory over time: increasing linear story momentum to new levels of the game experience, the right balance of obstacles to progress, engaging interaction through decisions which I have simplified as pick a side and all action and the thing about creating creatures to produce engagement and interaction and decisions so the player can just enjoy

  2. purpose: swg as a practice in assembly and dynamic motion of the game appeal for continued community inertia (such as other people making 2d sw games and graphics presently and recently, that I expect would jump on a better engine with multiplayer and keep it with personal interest and private community - have about 10 potential contacts,)

  3. involvement: player motive, involvement where they have progressed, and implications (ie bounties, and sides, interest in side play, character development interest, larger role within the community of players) and I think the resulting conclusion is it comes down to simplifying doing what you want with a framework that doesn’t require it or overbear but allows the activities to produce the relations the players have… still figuring this out

I really like your polling on this and insights being taken into game theory. Although I’m not very active these days, I’m looking forward to seeing where your project goes.

Thanks Dylan I have had an interesting time considering the combinations of these based on poll results. Hoping to get some more input and round out the picture, but I’ve got an idea of how these would work in different ways. I’m pretty much over top of everything needed to just put it out and have it easy for people to make levels, and make it what I think it needs to be.

The game theory was intended to be my take on what makes it all fun from a high level view. I’ve made a lot of games that are at this stage, and it seems to fit them universally. Like a space 4x game, and several other web games. This is definitely my #1 game dev project until I see it move.

Also EraBilly please check your messages, let’s discuss the server management and some other things. I need to figure out what the hosting situation is and I need server admins and help coming up when I release 1.2

Please vote in the polls!