Linking worlds together!

Portalous is a new world I have created. It is a world containing worlds, and it includes special time portals which link to times in the past such as: Valikoria Classic, Graal 2006, and even some old abandoned .NWs in the forums. And I’m not done yet, I need some help with the server, too! If you could post custom levels, graphics, or even ideas it would help alot! I am planning a portal to a Bomy Museum which contains lots of custom Bomys from users!

(Also, I will be running this server in the afternoon, around 3:00ish. Central Time)

EDIT: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. I prefer constructive criticism rather than “O THIS CRAP SUKS NEVA PLAY!”

Took you long enough to make a thread for this crap.

I know, it’s awful crap. But as I progress in scripting and level design, it will get better, Yenario.

hey man dont post if you aint got nothing nice to say. anyway, how is this any different than pwa?

pwa sounds like a bad sound effect or useless azn noise

Server renamed to Entrela
New Eradia Online tiles

Server is undergoing MAJOR CLEANUP. I’m going to fix everything you guys hate, and I’m adding new music soon.

I hate the whole thing. Fix it.

if by fix, you mean remove, then that’s fine.