Possibility of logging on?


hi all,

longtime lurker and Graal player… hadn’t played in a while but was feeling nostalgic and came across GR again. last time I was around here was years ago.

anyway, is there still activity on the old Graal servers / player worlds? using a Mac now but if people actually still go on and there are hosted pws, I am tempted to download WINE and logon.

if not, hi anyway


Check by yourself?
No one’s going to provide you with the files required though.


Figured if it was still active, someone could just tell me. I have a place to access the files, just wondering if it’s worth downloading and running WINE or if I won’t find anything there.


if you want something here, make it.


Well, way to be welcoming to the community O.O


Don’t mind Zeph, he’s into the old school GR way of thinking.
And don’t worry, I have pmed tlp.