Problem with disable weap

I got a new problem …

i have maked a script :

// NPC made by Trakan if (playerenters) { disableweapons; } if(playerchats && strcontains(#g,Events)) { if(strequals(#c,/open)) { enableweapons; } if(strequals(#c,/close)) { enableweapons; } }

if i say /open (it work) but if i say /close , it do not work :frowning:

you have enableweapons under the (#c,/close) as well, and enableweapons/disableweapons is clientside

you need to make an npc that effects the player (like a hidden setshape npc with the door that does enable/disable weapons using strings I think, making the invisible setshape npc invisible. (no image))

someone else will be of more help, im not much of a scriptor, I usually use 2 hidden npc’s, on each side of door, the one inside the spar ring with enableweapons and the one outside using disableweapons

So that’s how they do it… :open_mouth:

ok thanks :slight_smile: