Profile Onlinetime

Well this is a new bug, only took +500 hours to notice it.
ONSECS 2147419

It’s showing my Online time as being only 14 Hours. LOL, it rolled over.

Same for mine. o_O

Mine’s about there. Maaaaybe mine will rollover.

It will roll over once it goes over 1568735 seconds.
I see where it rolls over at. Graal stores the online seconds in a 3-byte Graal-packed integer, so the maximum value is 0x17EFDF, or 1568735. The gserver stores the online time as a normal 4-byte int, so the maximum possible value is 0xFFFFFFFF, or 4294967295. That is why your account shows the correct value. The solution is to pull the online time directly from the player instead of going through the player props system, like it currently does.

I wonder when the PLPROP_ONLINESECS prop gets requested, though. Or even if it ever gets requested.

Anyways, I fixed online seconds, kills, and deaths to pull its data from the player directly, rather than through the player props system.