Profilevar Arrays

Joey had this in one of the old GServer revisions, where you could treat a string as an array for profile vars.

setstring stringname,hello,my,name,is,bob

profilevars = Word:=stringname[0],Name:=stringname[4]

I would like this added back as it would reduce a lot of redundancies currently on Bomber Arena… Lol

It still works. You are just using it wrong.


For some reason, it was implemented to use { and }. However, while checking on this, I found a bug. It wasn’t using the guntokenize() function of CString, which correctly untokenizes a Graal string.

That means,

This,"is a, string",test

results in 4 strings instead of 3. I fixed that now.

Mother f’. I tried a couple of bracket combinations but I must have missed { }
Even Joey didn’t remember what he used. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bunch of individual strings being set, pulling data from a string array, for the profilevars. It’s unsightly.