PSP Downgrading

I’m sure Dangerless will be all up in here.

I have a PSP 3000 and I updated it to the latest without knowing about homebrew and shit like that.

So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding info on how to downgrade so I can use homebrew?

You can’t with the latest at the moment. :<
Can’t even use ChickHEN.

No Cobalt Runner for you.

you need to use a pandora battery and magic memory stick to downgrade…high risk of bricking your PSP I think…I read up on homebrew BEFORE updating :slight_smile:

It wasn’t until a day or two after I’d done it that I remembered it was possible.

I’m pretty sure 3000’s can’t be Pandora’d.

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Wait no, you can do 3000s, just not 3001s.

O’RLY? I have a 1004 or something. ^^
I never use mine. Never any good games. It was a good idea for a handheld, but they should’ve done some 2D multiplayer games that’s awesome to play with your friends.

Mine’s currently a Dust Collector 5000

Before I purchased mine, I had the small collection of games I wanted in my head and then the big thing I was going to do was use emulators. But, I screwed it up. =(

You noob, Pandora Batteries UNBRICK PSPs :slight_smile:

You noob, Pandora Batteries UNBRICK, DOWNGRADE, and FLASH THE NAND OF PSPs :slight_smile:

Lol. He’s quite right.

buy a pandora battery off the internet, then you have both a pandora and a normal.

Step 1: Purchase a gun.
Step 2: Purchase ammo for the gun.
Step 3: Load the gun.
Step 4: Insert the gun into your mouth.
Step 5: Pull the trigger.

Would it be safe to use a Pandora battery with the latest firmware? What, exactly, could a Pandora battery offer to a system that can’t use homebrew?

Dunno much about Pandora batteries other than what ive read…

5.03 for model 3000 using ChickHEN R2 is to using homebrew (GBA/Snes emulators etc, probably n64 but I dunno how well it would work, have tried yet) and homemade games (I downloaded a homebrew Rubix Cube game)

With a PSP 3000, I dunno if you can use a Pandora on it. Google’s results are very ambiguious and looking around the PSP forums usually has you find a resounding “No”

You’ll probably have to wait for another exploit to be found in a game or in the XMB first, mate.

So very violent… o.O

I tried that and unfortunately all it got me was a bloody mess. Although I have a psp-1000 thats been there and back from every part of the psp scene so I think I’m doing alright.

But yeah answering your question (first poster), there is no news or progress thats been released yet for the way to go about getting CFW on psp-3000. Sorry dude.

Edit: if you really want to stay up to date though, there is a really obvious found website called which I’ve been looking around for a long time and always came back happy to my psp.

I don’t know if that’s applicable to units with firmware beyond 5.03, but I’m going to follow the guide and see if their steps force it down.

Wish me luck. lol

No-go. That process doesn’t go through downgrading. It’s for people with firmware prior to 5.03. I have 6.20.

yea, only way to downgrade is using pandora

has pictures with ARROWS to help with making a pandora battery. (you can thank Danger-Less the links since hes the one that gave em to me)