Pualert Ookami and I had a discussion and he thinks Spooon shouldn’t be mean. Also he says I should be admin on Bomber Arena. I talked to Darkblade Ookami and CrossFire Ookami, they both agree. I am the co-head-vice-president-emperor-of-chair-prime-minister-govenor of the Ookami Clan of course. The Ookami Clan has scheduled Pualert Ookami to come and attack the forums cuz he knows how to hack passwords on the library computers and he has his own library card so that’s how. Also Jack, Fred and Jeffrey Ookami might come with me too and also Charlie Ookami too but he’s grounded from his mom cuz he said mean things on a web-forum. :smugbert: BRING IT ON GRAAL REBORN

More like; Beholder and co., repair Bomber Arena already!
I’m getting sick and bored as well.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Wait a minute…

Ben, Benji, why the hell are you saying such make belief stuff already?
And if this isn’t the real Benjiro then stop using his account.

It’s obviously not Ben.
Also, we should just call the fucking police. We know their general location and we just fucking heard that they’re gonna do it again. lol[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Actually that’s not even 75% necessary.
Just IP ban all of Darkblade’s IPs.

or Ben’s being the lovable Clean Troll he is. making fun of them?

Clean? Blah! Clean sounds tasteless… I see what you did there.

I actually agree with Panajima. Riley thinks so too.
This is so funny I’m thinking of stickying it once the market is up. lol

That sounds like a terrible idea, remember that hacker threat we got from ‘jackookami’?
Oh wait… no. Because the thread to the arguement is gone and it has faded.
And it never existed; therefore.

pl0x, lets not jump to that accursed topic I just brought up.

Ookami raped my dog and killed my mom

boring. bring on the real hackers already.

My councilor at school says I need to stop playing pretend because I am not pualert Ookami and the Ookami clan doesn’t exist and also now he says I can’t be Fred, Charlie, or Jeffrey Ookami.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Bomber would be back up when Joey repairs his services - in the year 2012.

WTF. I’m not apart of ookami clan nor ever will be. And I agreed go nothing.

ookami left the mayonnaise out of the fridge

Yeah, he’s egging you on there. Or perhaps ‘Ookami’ is code for iNoob.
Ookami clan? Actually, it’s an iNoob Union pretending to be communist towards GR or something.

…I was talking to myself, by the way.

Or we could just ignore the fags because they clearly just want attention.