putnpc problem

Im trying to make an event coin system so the event team staff have tool that drops an event coin where there mouse. This is what I currently have:

The weapon:

// NPC made by tricxta(Events Team)
if (playerenters && strequals(#g,Events Team))toweapons ECtool;

if (weaponfired){
  tokenize #c;
  setstring server.ecquantity,#t(0);
  putnpc valasca_eventcoin.png,EC.txt,int(mousex),int(mousey);

the text file:

if (created){
  message #s(server.ecquantity) X;
  setshape 1,32,32;

if (playertouchsme){
  setstring client.EC,#v(strtofloat(#s(client.EC))+strtofloat(#s(server.ecquantity)));
  setplayerprop #c,I now have #s(client.EC) event coins;

The problems are that it wont let me pick up the coin when I place it and it will not show the the quantity of the coin. It works fine offline but the problems only happen online. Why is it doing this?

Because even the npcs around here dont like you.


But seriously.

GServer in that case probably doesn’t know EC.txt exists.
Also, only use lowercase filenames for online use. GServer is finicky about that.

(This is most likely your problem)

Other than that, make sure it’s in somewhere like World/ where file . types are allowed

ok resolved thanks beholder