Rules and Regulations for the Operation of the PWA

  1. The PWA must be unbiased in all decisions made.

-PWA members cannot be on the review team for their own Servers

-PWA members cannot set the rank of a server without having at least two agreeing votes
–In the case of the server being one of the PWA members a suitable replacement will be found to take their place

-PWA members found letting a bias influence their votes will be removed from office

  1. The Appointment of PWA Members

-Apart from the Admin Head of the PWA there will only be a max of two members at a given time

-There may be only one member from the staff of any given server on the PWA at a given time

-To get appointed one must receive the ok from the Admin Head of the PWA

3)Helping other players learn

-PWA members are to take all requests for legitimate help in a serious manner

-PWA members cannot deny help if they have the ability to provide the requested assistance
–If the PWA member cannot help the player they must redirect the player to another PWA member who can help them
–PWA members are to try to complete any request given to them unless the request could be considered “over the top”
–On completion of a request PWA members are to help the person who made the request understand how the final product was made to the best of their abilities

-PWA members are not to flame or slander anyone about things said to them by someone who they are currently helping

4)Other Regulations for the Removal of PWA Members

-If a PWA member cannot be available to the Reborn community a decent amount of the time they shall be removed from the PWA
–The excuse of overworked in irl is acceptable so long as it is not overused by the member
–It is up to the PWA as well as Players to take notice of how often a PWA member violates this policy

-All complaints against a member of the PWA must be taken seriously by other members of the PWA