PWAs Having access to protect servers?

Just an idea, depends on if Joey would agree, but I think it’d help everyone because there would be less wait times for us, and it’d mean cadaver and Joey won’t keep getting annoyed :slight_smile:

Joey’s hosting service needs to be re-written for that as it is fairly rudimentary in some aspects such as server protection. Protected servers are actually directly added to the .php file itself. Cadavre was thinking about a re-write, though, but for now you will have to contact one of the GR Administrators to manually add the server protection.

Ohk, well if you guys do re-write it, is it going to be auto proteced?

I was thinking of putting all controls in the PW section of the website, meaning you’d have to be logged in in order to create a server. Probably even combining it with the server-registration as an option.

Also, I would add some kind of request function to aquire more than one server per user and some kind of moderation process to it.

Sounds great.:slight_smile:

Watch out a PWA power uprising is on your hands. Next they will be taxing your lunch box and bullying in numbers.

Don’t forget extortioning players for Gralat

50% tax on all purchases made in gralat!

I’ll propose some new rules.

  • All servers must be hosted on Joeys hosting
  • Max 1 server per person
  • We will charge you in forum “Thanks” to host a server, you must get at least 50 thanks to host one.
  • You may now get rewarded “Thanks” points by donating on PayPal.


Where’s my many thanks? :stuck_out_tongue: Or was I the other side of the “may”?
I mostly get thanks in my graphic threads.

I get my thanks from releasing new gserver versions. I should go ahead and release a couple of them in a row so I can catch back up to Beholder.

(I realize it’s sarcasm)


Shouldn’t have released 2.3, instead you should’ve broken the updates up and just made like 5 versions of it lol

I’m thinking about releasing 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3, and so on. I can catch up like that. :slight_smile:


Sweet, make sure to fix bugs that weren’t even bugs in the first place. Just attach the same server renamed, nobody’ll notice.

For example:

  • Fixed an issue with premake

  • Fixed a timing bug

  • Fixed a very rare issue where players would receive cake

Don’t forget to add new features.

  • Player will die at random, to add more fun

  • Player will sometimes be unable to respawn

  • Server will ‘appear’ to crash, but will still require a restart anyway.