Qualifications for the bronze tab?

Ok, now that we are “established” what should be necessary for a server to get out of the hidden/under development area to the bronze tab… or should all of the servers have the option of choosing between which of the 2 they want to be on?

At least to working, story-based quests(None of that random maze get a heart BS, that’s not a quest.) A decent amount of minigames (events), and a stable and active development team.

my server will never qualify :wink:

If you think you can do the server by yourself, feel free in my opinion… I do not believe that having a development team means that much apart from the server coming together more/less quickly. I say why not let them get bronze too if they can reach that point by themselves… if we are going to make access to the bronze tab “restricted” i think that speed should not be that large of a factor considering most of the servers right now have either no work going on or have things that they are developing without putting it on their server till it is completed…

usually when I get into working on my world long enough, I usually turn on my server, and upload each level after its changed/created, no matter how much content is on that level (my first task on new levels is always to make the links to connecting levels >_>)

nice, but not many people do it that way. As another thought should quality be a matter to be decided? It has the ability to make or break a server, but seeing as not many servers on Reborn are being worked on at a given time is it important enough tio worry about for the bronze tab?

To be fair GR lets people host their servers for free, if they just put up just any junk all they have to do is type it on the server list to find it. If they want to draw our attention to it they can just post a thread on the forums like everybody else does anyway.

Most of us can handle making a small server with decent levels and a couple quests in a single weekend if we put any effort into it. I can’t see having to push everything up to Classic and Gold just because the bronze tab doesn’t have high enough standards.

Bronze tag is supposed to be for the servers that have content but don’t need players because they are still under-developement. It’s like giving a preview of what’s to come. Classic or Silver tag is for servers ready to support a playercount. Gold is for those special servers that are entirely unique and can hold a playercount.

Not all the silver can “support” players. Sure they can be played for a little while, but not
for long. Bronze should be for “all” servers like I’ve stated before that know the game
plan and aren’t slacking off. Then silver for promising servers that can be completed or
played for a bit. Screw the need to have “quests”. Get the lame ass idea out of your heads.
In a classic server heart quests are quests. :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless, they should be played in multiple
ways … You should look at the playercount on these playable servers. lol

Gold should be for completed servers that may only need a few minor tweaks now and then.
Also put the friggin’ PWA server there. The sad part is, a lot of people don’t know how to log
on the development servers that aren’t appearing in the list.

Also what about the servers with their own sub-forum in the Playerworld’s section?
Though noted that most are removed from the game for now. lol Can we get a clean up
of the Playerworld’s subforums? Since you’re re-vamping the server listings, might as well
re-vamp that section.

You’re wrong. All of it.

Sorry, I’m not Spune therefor impossible to be wrong.

You guys could always play on it for a set amount of time, ask some questions towards the owners of the playerworld if able too. Tell them suggestions to make the server better, blah blah etc.

I used to just make videos showing off there playerworld in hopes of giving them some benefits for gaining players or something. If I had a good server going growing good in development, as it is right now, having ‘Gold’ to ‘Bronze’ is no real benefit.

Better to start simple than going all stupid since there isn’t much of a player count for the last two years or so. Otherwise I would just stick with GO or go back to 1.39 and not worry about it.

You have a point Dangerless. My recent suggestion I got was to wait on the gani for my
server and make an inside which I am currently doing. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus even if my server is in
Bronze, I’ve had a bigger player count than the ones in silver. So I get there really isn’t a
point, but I still feel the need for all servers to show on bronze besides those who just
aren’t doing anything.

Any server should be on Bronze, except for ‘staffonly’ servers.
It’s all well and good to say we should banish servers to the dark and make it so you have to type them in but people coming by and seeing the server is a great motivation.
It’s the entire reason i’d develop online rather than setting up my own offline server :confused:

Only if you thought UN was “fun and interesting.” Quests that don’t have a story are boring as fuck. Did you ever play classic start to finish? I seriously doubt it if you think that heart mazes are quests. In fact, if you believe those are quests, you don’t belong on this team. Were here to try to improve the quality of all servers here, not diminish it by saying second place is OK.

I agree with this.

The retards will learn to use context clues some day.

Sure, why not.

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No, that adds a fuck ton of needless clutter, especially the people who can’t port forward so you get “Can’t Connect” notices. And if they can’t port forward, they sure as fuck can’t edit the server options properly to turn on staff-only.

I agree with kalzor. Not all servers should be allowed Bronze. Especially since he brought up a good point about fools who can’t port forward/don’t know how to port forward. It really does add a clutter to the Server List. To be Bronze, I think a server should have something completed and a certain amount of playtime, otherwise you should change “bronze” to “useless servers”.

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Also, yes, re-vamp the playerworld sub-forums. There are servers listed there that aren’t even up anymore. I think a server should have a sub-forum in the Playerworld section if, and only if, it has a higher status than Bronze. (Silver & Gold)

Sorry to say, but I have played Classic and it wasn’t “zomg awesome”. :smiley: Not to mention the
countless times I had to get staff to reset something for me due to it getting glitched. Entirely different
matter. Classic was only to PK on which most if not all did. Sure the long drawn out stories helped
ease some boredom and could be very interesting, but they weren’t the only thing you would
play for.

Quests are done to get items to further your character no? That would count life/hearts.
If you’re so pissed about the current heart quests people have, suggest ways to make it even

@Stowen and Kalzor, the Bronze idea is a total failure. If someone can’t port forward, why don’t you all take them off Bronze?
You are PWA’s by the way and have the right to. lol Use it as some criteria.

Quests ARE to progress your character forward by getting items and health, but they shouldn’t be handed to you by solving a simple puzzle. It completely trivializes the adventure portion of this game. I’m not saying quests are the only thing, and you’ll notice I mentioned in my original posts indicates the server needs events as well. I’m saying that REAL quests are essential, and need to implemented more often. The most I should get from solving a maze of trees is a bigger bomb pouch or something, not a full heart.

That is true, but I still maintain that the server needs REAL content to be publically listed.

I see your point, but something like a “treasure trove” left behind by old raiders in a
booby-trapped maze shouldn’t be ruled out as a quest for an item. (Hearts too)

A good, hard to solve maze could be harder than taking an item from atop a mountain to
a remote village. You can’t rule out mazes. :stuck_out_tongue: Now if you’re referencing people using small
bush mazes + riddles, agreed … that’s a tad bit easy for a few items.

As for the bronze, understood. I’ll stick my idea, you stick by yours. :smiley:

Bomb bags, Arrow Pouches, etc.

Only if those mazes are in the middle of a real quest, perhaps.