Quest/World Lay out

This post will become more cohesive as things come together. Right now it’s ramblings and ideas. Feel free to suggest improve upon ideas or suggest your own.


Start: Players will start in a burning town where they’ll fight baddies… and lose.

They’ll wake up in a town with burned ruins with a person who gives them a quest perhaps an item along with direction on where he should head next.

[Idea Phase]

We talked about breaking the bridge to get to that town. Cadavre is working on. Instead I’m going to put up the fence that the horses will be able to jump. We’ll put a story in about the bridge being blocked off due to baddies or something along those lines.

The forest to the north I am currently building a tree town on. A player will need the hook shot to access this town as well as a hammer to access certain parts of it. The quest for the hammer will start in this town. We’ll expand more upon this later. I may have some one take over once I get the basic style layed out.

The mountain to the north east will become a combination of a snow area and a volcano. Lava tiles and snow tiles can be tricky to work with so I’ll probably do most of this.


[size=2]TPL is the best! Keep up the great work!


Sounds . like something from Zelda. Can’t remember which one.

Anyways, I like the ideas. Good luck with them. lol

Doesn’t sound anything like any Zelda I’ve played. However, the opening quest sounds partly like another server I played, back in the day. Can’t really remember.

Never heard of Ocarina of Time. Horses and jumping fences is a big part of that one, lol.

yea, when you first get epona in the future you gotta go real fast and jump over the wall to get out.

That’s cool fun :stuck_out_tongue: