Question: Level Generator

So I was using the level generator and decided to edit levelgen.png to how I wanted it and then opened GraalLevelGen_nw-txt.exe and hit generate. So when I opened one of the levels that had been generated everything that I had wanted the trees,cliffs,bushes etc. had been completely messed up with random tiles. Now I tried to generate some levels with GraalLevelGen_graal-txt.exe and everything worked the trees are where they needed to be and the cliffs. So my question is, why does the first level generator I mentioned not work and the second does? Any help would be great. :confused2:

The level generator supplied officially by graal online with .NW + .GMAP
However there is a Text version from one of their old projects, but it expects a different tileset.

Copy the text map from the Text version and the levels from the Gmap version.

Personally I didn’t notice the issue at first because I do everything by hand, and generated a blank grass map for time saving.

Edit: Also, just don’t use the .GMAP and all will be good.

Oh I see, thanks Beholder!

Don’t use the level generator. That’s the quickest way to overwhelm yourself.

I used to have the nw + txt

Came with NewWorld apparently, but generates cliffs and crap for the new world tileset.

I used to have the terrain editor, too. That was weird.