[Question] NPC Graphics trouble serverside

This Issue has been resolved! - Feel free to discuss as to what may have caused the initial problem, for future reference.

How do I get a simple 32x32 8-bit .png image (ex: Custom Staff Boot Icon) to show up on an NPC? Works perfectly offline, so I know the palettes index isn’t over the allowed limit in GIMP.
(To my understanding based off posts found around the forum).

I’m also having an issue with body transparency. I understand the order for the 7 palette index slots. 3rd slot being transparency. I still get a color in the background and transparency on another part
of the body (ex:sleeves)

I may just be doing it wrong inside GIMP as I’ve been more accustomed to Paint.NET, but considering alot of Graal’s comparability involves messing with the palette index I’ve been reading up on how to use it.


Here’s my Staff Boot Icon that I’m having the issue with.

I know this may have a simple fix for someone that’s been working on graal for a long time. I was a young teenager last time I even logged onto a graal server, even longer back actually doing any dev. I’m constantly running into issues that I remember having problems with in the past, and there’s alot of answers for most of those issues on the forum. I’ve been reading similar posts found on here but have had no luck, so maybe I’m just missing something simple.

I’ve already placed the image in two directories: “\world” & “\images”.

I’ve narrowed it down to probably just being the image file, as test edits of working images work fine. I’ll probably have to redo the colors and check the index.
As I understand it, bodies use 7 index slots in a palette, is there a limit on images such as for NPC’s?

***I’ve fixed the problem simply by cutting & pasting the boot onto a similar (working) image(via Paint.NET) I was using on the server, saving it. Now it displays properly online.

There’s a way to save as 8bit PNG in gimp. I can’t recall exactly how to do it, but it’s googlelable? (is that right) the alternative is to save as a GIF and then use gif2mng.exe in the graal folder to convert it. Also, when saving the GIF in GIMP I would flood the background with a purple colour and then do colour to alpha on the layer menu and make sure that both the foreground and background were that colour when saving. It seemed to fix the problem when I would make images for Graal.

Thanks for the help with GIMP. I have the ability to save in 8-bit among other formats on Paint.NET, so if anything I’ll double-save it. Paint.NET doesn’t have the ability to view index palettes, which is why I am also using GIMP.

I don’t know about 8-bit but I know it needs to be 256 colors.

I’m not sure if you are still having problems, but I re-indexed it and it seems to be working fine now.

So it was an index issue :stuck_out_tongue:

I opened a known working graal image in Paint.NET, along with the original boot image, then simply copied the boot over to the graal image and saved it as a new image. I was thinking it may fix the index issue, and it did. I’m still figuring out how to properly do it in GIMP, but thanks for the help!

I use GIMP. Usually all I have to do is make sure that when I start an image that it is in RGB (Image -> Mode -> RGB) and then when I’m finished drawing, index it (Image -> Mode -> Index) and then the final step is exporting it (File -> Export) as a .PNG which forces it into 256 colors.

That’s how the tutorial I found showed me. I’ll remember to start it in RGB mode first though. Thanks!

Just don’t make staff tools next. Please.

xD No staff tools are in the works. The boots were just to see how well I could remember scripting.
I’m more interested in getting a functional rpg menu going right now. That alone is an ambitious task for me… lol

Yep, make sure no one tells him there’s a functional set of staff tools already in the npc showcase section of this forum.

I’ll probably just use those if needed. No point worrying about staff tools at this point when there’s not even any staff or players lol
Thanks for the info