Question on Progress

What is your main focus on progressing development on the server? Last time I was on there were many buildings void of NPCs. In my experience, saving that for last isn’t very logical as more of the world is filled and more empty buildings are needed to be filled.

You’re right. Many of the buildings were empty. Everything built has a plan for it, so we have that. But, onto the question about progress. We’ve decided to tackle it in sections. The plan is to complete a section and then release it for beta-testing for all of you.

So, we are focusing heavily on the main town right now. Populating it, designing quests around it, adding mini-games, jobs and so on. While you guys are playing we are going to be working on the next area. Developing it in a similar way. When finished, we’ll release it. We’ve designed it in such a way so a main quest will connect each of the releases so that we don’t just leave you in the dark. So, in all there will be four chapter releases. One will focus on the main town, one will focus on the forest town and it’s surrounding areas, one on our mountain town and our coast town. If all goes to plan the final release will be the opening of player run kingdoms. If we don’t have the player count for that when it comes time then we’ll release something in its stead, although I haven’t far that far ahead.