Quick Question

I’m not really sure, but where was the location of the black market? Or is it still around for that matter?

look Judge Jody, if you keep it up asking for the location of black markets you’ll be finding yourself on Judge Judy

Oh no… Please, anyone but my Grandmama! She makes even the worst of criminals piss, shit, vomit, contract STD’s, find out they have terminal cancer, and cry for their mommies all at once and/or within 30 second intervals!!! I WON’T ASK NO MORE… or at least for a day, I’d still like to know 0.0

The black market is under the wall in Destiny next to Destiny guild fort. Use a bomb to break the sign and enter.

P.S. There’s nothing in it.

Thanks for the help dude, And I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to me :stuck_out_tongue: I got odd interests.