Quick question...

Am i doing something wrong or do minimaps HAVE to be .gif to work ingame … because… no .png minimap images show up for me

png works, however the issue is how you’re saving the pngs.
Graal is only able to use images with a 16 color palette or a 256 color palette.’
Gif is limited to 256 Colors, as such, will just about always work. Png however, is capable of 24 million color palettes.

Whatever program you’re using (Don’t use MS Paint [ffs]), check for any tool you can use to modify the palette and reduce it.

Don’t use The Gimp, either; it’s a long shot that you’ll manage to get the palette to stay the way it is, instead of going to optimization hell and screwing up the transparency.

PSP, as everyone else told me, is really good for this.

I personally use Photoshop to save my images, though it’s bulky as hell for basically serving that one purpose.

What you want to do is find a way to save them indexed(basically a form of PNG that is limited to 256 colors), or in other-words, 8-bit. This will automatically reduce the palette without you having to put any work into it.

Scratch my original question, what i really need to know is how to make a GIF opaque.

Thanks for the replies

Have one extra colour on the palette that doesn’t show up anywhere on the image, and set that one to be the transparent value.

I dont have PSP :[ Eh… would somone be nice enough to just let me send them the minimap image, png or gif, and make it opaque for me _

I just use MS Paint. Works just as good as long as you know what you’re doing.

MSPaint has no way to optimize PNG’s and its GIF compression sucks horribly, and it lacks transparency alltogether.

I use Paint.net, it’s very easy to use in my opinion.

Who said anything about making fancy stuff? I use it simply to do simple images of sorts or to edit an existing one in graal.

I thought I would attach the example of how I want my minimap to look like, here is Classic’s current minimap, with the opaqueness exactly how i want mine>_<

It has nothing to do with being fancy. MSPaint doesn’t output anything other than GIF that is compatible with Graal, and even so with lack of transparency it’s a huge hindrance. I use MSPaint to actually draw my stuff, but I certainly don’t use it to save them.

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Can’t do that. Graal doesn’t support 24-bit PNG’s(which is what it uses) with varying opacity. You’d have to rescript the minimap and use a showimg and change its alpha with changeimgcolors.

Well, I don’t understand why you care so much for what I use. I remember Beholder giving me a tip on how to save the image correctly in MSPaint sometime ago. Again, it was only a suggestion and nothing more.

Meh if it works for you that’s fine, but for him using MSPaint is only going to further the problem he’s having. Like I said, I use MSPaint too, but when it comes to output, Graal + MSPaint = fail. I heard Vista got a new version though but I dunno about that.

Darn, alright then, thanks.