"EVENT" Chance , first script

that is my first script, please don’t be rude if it sux.
/open hide the block for 10 seconds
/start 1 showing a Number
/start 2 showing a Number
/start 3 showing - NOTHING -
/start 4 showing a Number
/start 5 showing a Number
/start 6 showing a Number
/start 7 showing a Number
/start 8 showing a Number
/start 9 showing a Number

hope you like it :slight_smile:

it works fine. :slight_smile:

thanks sister ^^


mh :frowning:

thats actually his sister

This wins script of the week.

I refuse to let this go by unchallenged!


It’s his first script too. While others have been crying about how difficult gs1 is, this guy just went out and made something.

That’s why I like him :smiley:

lets see what tricxta will get us. amuse us man.

He will do nothing

its difficult :D, but i don’ crying ^^

Pardon me!? You’re saying this script is difficult? o_0

He’s new and not receiving help from many people. Chill out, man. I had trouble with basic scripts at first as well. Especially GUIs… Fucking cock sucking GUIs can burn in hell.

Guys, just stop posting in his threads if you’re going to flip the fuck out.