Ranking of Xialza

Ok, I know this may not be important to some people… But this is important to me. I worked hard along with some people like tricxta, sora, Saputo, and Alex, on Xialza, and I want to know what all of you think it should be. Silver or Bronze? Some of you are going to talk about how it isn’t that important but it would mean a lot to me… I just really want it to go Silver…


^^^^^ YUS!!! are there any reason why xialza shouldnt go to at least silver btw?


I already know that. I just want to know what the people think. You guys remind me of the electoral college in the 1800’s! “Let the people vote,” said President Andrew Jackson!

Fact is me and kondie did put alot of time into this. Its alot better then the majority of servers on reborn atm. It should at least get silver in my opinion.

And that’s why we had President Bush. :slight_smile:

if it was up to me, due to it looks like there is enough content. I say the server should be silver.

How the hell was the old Noddess close to Silver then? Riley you rate too hard, lower your standards. D:

RileyFiery… I guess you’ve never played Xialza…
Tricxta have worked a lot on it. His server is awesome. He have worked a lot creating his own scripts, and latting.
I think it should be unless Silver, but it would be awesome as Gold :smiley:

Old Noddess WAS close to silver…we spoke to a PWA and he said that as soon as we fix up a few tile errors with the cliffs, it would be good enough for silver…

That was because Noddess was so vast…Xialza has gold quality things, but not enough actual area (that is open to others) to be gold…silver is where it should lie currently, as it is Definitly in the “somewhat Playable” category.

Reasons - Yes, the glossy finish is part of the reason…the silver servers are set apart from the bronze because they have almost no glitches…There are barely in xialza, because of the time spent fixing/finding them…

I think Xialza should be Silver. It would deserve gold if it had a storyline.

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Ugh. Just make Xialza gold. Every single server on Reborn doesn’t have enough proper/playable content. bomber arena is Coolio but after 50 games it’s boring. Look at the horrible silver servers, for instance Lumina and Kandora. Lumina = Lots of quests with crappy levels and barely and English. Kandora = Good levels, no quests (I think there is three?)

Let’s not use the terms Bronze, Silver, and Gold and maybe you’ll understand better.

Alpha, Beta, Finished Product.

If you think you’re almost done with Xialza and there are maybe just some scattered bugs lying around, then you’re Silver. If you don’t even have the basic game set down, plot and so forth (if you have one, gimmick if it’s a game type server) then you’re definitely Bronze or Alpha.

This message is not endorsed by nor does it represent the thoughts and feelings of the PWA.

Oh, I wasn’t saying you did. The PWA’s did. XD But I guess if it isn’t silver, I’ll just have to deal with it. I’ll just deal with my new project.

Wait… I wouldnt mind hearing what various and urza have to think about it, after all… if noddess could impress urza then xialza should easily do the job. Xialza is alot better in comparison concept wise compared to most online reborn servers. We have rock climbing, equipable shields with a skill that allows you to reflect projectiles and strafe, stunning abilities, freezing and burning, some kewl tile manipulation shit where you can push a crate into the water then walk over it bla bla bla. Theres alot of concepts that I have not seen done anywhere else on reborn so with saying this I think I present a valid point on why xialza should at least be silver. Riley, how could you put this in the same rank as some server as youville. I see it as an offense how me and kondie put in alot of hard work, thinking and time to make xialza possible now your down rating it because you havent been interested enough to play all the available content? I’ve played through the whole of lumina, kandora, and some of dreamscape. Dreamscape is good in terms of content but xialza has alot more complexity script wise as well as more effort graphics wise. Kandora is quite good quality wise but lacks content with only a few quests. Lumina is a total mess yet it has alot of content. Please tell me why all these valid points arent allowing xialza to go silver at the least?

Noddess just had enough playable content x.x

still was a 'orrible server compared to V.2

Xialza has alot of playable content. Now who has done the first dungeon without cheating and getting summoned?? Hmmmm >.> that dungeon alone takes a while lol. Best dungeon on reborn ever XD

uh no one ever plays the current silver servers. that probably means something. xialza actually had players for a while.

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