RC Help

So my friend and I finally got our server up and made it where we could both access it, my next problem is with RC. Both of our accounts are on the ‘Staff’ list in the serversettings document, but for some reason when I try to log on to my RC it tells me I don’t have the rights. Is there somewhere else we need to put my account so I can access my RC? We set my accounts admin controls to 4 and we have my account name in the text…what else do we need to do? Thanks.

Log off of your account and copy the “Rights” from “YOURACCOUNT.txt” in the accounts folder into both of your account, over writting what was there. Then delete the “YOURACCOUNT.txt”

Normally, you’re supposed to rename it.
Should that now be the case, open up the serveroptions.txt, and like you said, add yourself to the “staff = JDice88,SomeOtherguy”

Then to let the GServer know of these external changes, restart the GServer.