RC2: How to use, connect, edit rights, add content to your server etc.

I.Words from meh.

  1. Connection
  2. Navigation
    ::2a. Commands
    ::2b. Player List
    ::2c. Account List
    ::2d. To All List
    ::2e. File Browser
    ::2f. Options
    ::2g. Server Flags
    ::2h. Folder Options
    ::2i. Server Options
  3. Player manipulation.
    ::3a. Help Commands Explained
    ::3b. Player
    ::3c. Player Rights and Folder Rights
    ::3d. Player Access

Words from meh
This might not be the best tutorial, but I will alter it MANY times until I feel it is decent enough!
This tutorial covers the usage of the RC included with Graal Reborn within the folder titled “RC2”.
The location for it is “graal_reborn\RC2”.
There are many files within the folder alongside it that allow you to alter the images if you use the GUI option.
I do not use the GUI option, but both of them act exactly the same so don’t stress it!
This tutorial will use the GUI option since most people use it.


This is pretty easy and straight forward, first open the RC2_2.05.exe whichever way you’d like.

Okay, input your account information, as well as your nickname for your RC.
Not so hard right? Then go ahead and click “Ok” :stuck_out_tongue:

Afterwards you’ll see a new menu pop up, this menu is the serverlist.
It shows all the hidden servers alongside all the servers in tabs in one big ol’ list.

Now, click on your server and it will become highlighted just like mine is highlighted “Evi”.

If your server isn’t showing, try and clicking the refresh button and it should clear up the current server cache that’s loaded and load up a fresh one.
If it still isn’t showing, then you need to configure your Gserver still.

Once your server is highlighted go ahead and click connect, or even double click your server name.

Good job, you’re connected!


So, after you’re connected you’re going to see something like this


Okay cool stuff, now we see all these menus and odd icons what the hell is this?
This is the Remote Control, you can more or less guess what you’re going to be learning.

First I’ll say this, type in /help to see a list of commands that will be useful later.
Some of these are shortcuts for navigating through players, as well as updating all your levels at once and so on.
All of these commands do EXACTLY what the are telling you, but I will explain them more later in another section after I cover
all of the navigation to you, as well as other ways to access them.


As you can see, there aren’t all that many commands in here for you to worry about learning.
You can also chat with other RC’s connected through here as though it was a chat room.

Player List

Go ahead and click the icon that looks like [ATTACH=CONFIG]3368[/ATTACH].

This is your playerlist menu, it shows EVERY player connected to the server.

When you click it, you’ll see something like this.


Here you can send server wide messages that will display in a pop up box, as well as PM individuals just like you could in graal. (but from your RC.)
Only worry about what it says in “This server” I don’t think the other options are relevant currently in the tabs.

If you go ahead and double click a player, you’ll PM someone. If you right click a player you’ll be able to edit various amounts of things that’s on that player.
Remember when I told you about those shortcuts in the text menu? Well, these are some of the GUI’s way to access them without text input.

Account List
It looks like this,[ATTACH=CONFIG]3373[/ATTACH].
I don’t think it has a use on GR currently so hey don’t worry about it.

To All List
[ATTACH=CONFIG]3374[/ATTACH] This is the icon for this.
There is an in game called that allows you to send a type of message to everyone and it usually shows up on your map.
toall: message here.

More or less in this menu, it just shows you the toalls that are sent whilst it’s open. You can also send toalls this way as well from your RC

File Browser

Now, this is how you are going to be adding content to your server.
From graphics, sounds, ganimations (gani), levels (maps), and w/e else you can chuck in there.
It’s all in there, even your account information as long as you have the correct rights for it (If you’re the main admin, you will have all the rights)
The icon is this one: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3375[/ATTACH]

Go ahead, and click it.

This will pop up:


You’ll notice a ton of folders, and hey maybe you won’t even have the same folders as I do.
To add something to a folder, go ahead and drag and drop your file into that folder. That’s more or less how that works.
You can also right click on files that are within folders for more options, such as renaming, moveing, editing as text, some others.
You can also delete everything in a folder by right clicking the folder itself then clicking “Delete”
Folders also have sub-folders, mainly the world folder.

I’ll teach you how to add custom folders and such later on in this, for now just know this is where a lot of files are stored that your server will have access to as well as anybody with those folder rights.


[ATTACH=CONFIG]3378[/ATTACH] Click me, and you shall see what I am able to do for you!
This is the settings for your RC, you can change your nick from here as well as many other options that are useful such as changing the download path for downloading multiple files with the right click download opt
within the file browser.

Server Flags
This button is your server flags button, you use it to add variables or strings from a server aspect so more or less, the variable could be altered later easily.
You could use this later for handling radio stations, MOTD’s on message systems, multipliers for experience systems, or any other thing you can think of.

When you open it, it displays this menu but it won’t have any flags in it if it’s fresh.
To declare a" flag" in here, you would put server.whatever= string or variable (text or digit).
More or less, a flag is just a stored variable or string.

As you can see I have the flag server.motd, which is used in the message system on Evi for when someone logs in or clears their messages.
I’ll explain this more later though in another section as we are still in Navigation.

Folder Options
The button looks like this, [ATTACH=CONFIG]3384[/ATTACH].

When you click it you’ll get this menu.

This area of the RC is to control what folders you have in your folders menu.
It more or less is for organization purposes, you can easily alter this and I’ll show you how later.

Server Options
For I am a button, [ATTACH=CONFIG]3386[/ATTACH].

This is the menu as well.

Inside of this menu, more or less this is the core of your server.
If you mess up beyond a specific point in here you can mess up your server.
You wont lose files, but you will lose functionality.

I will explain EVERYTHING in here when time comes.
Just know for now, that this is where you go when you want to alter how your server treats players.
As well as how it communicates with the list server.