RE-Divine Maloria

Hello, everyone.

Lately, I’ve noticed how GO has dug it’s own grave, && every good server has completely disappeared. This got me thinking. I want to bring back Maloria. I know everyone remembers this server. I will not need much help to bring the server back, just a few NATs, LATs, && a couple of very experienced people in every area to become Admins, && etc. I would love the help of everyone.

-RE-Divine Maloria Staff

If everyone else is like me and when they see a Zodiac or Maloria “rebirth” project, and feel like puking, I am sure they wont wanna help.

Just saying that it’s pretty much impossible for you to get help with this one.

Zodiac is no where near as great as Maloria was. Keyword in that sentence is “was”. I would not need much help. I would just need support. <3

Just post your problems in a thread and me or someone else will try help you out.

That’s more like it. This thread wasn’t about the problems of the server, or what not. I just wanted to see what people would think of the idea.

if you can get it to work, fine, good job and everything…

I like the idea, as long as it’s quality

This project is a bigger waste of time than playing Graal.

I wouldn’t mind helping every now and then.
If you check out my project I’m sure you can snag a copy of Maloria from the old days.
I can also host the server for you if you want.

I think the word you’re looking for is Define.