re: kiddyscripter


i zoomed in really far and then turned on satellite mode and all i saw was trees so he must have a secret fort in the forest :open_mouth:

lol… that report only indicates his ISP might be in the Jacksonville, FL area. Which means he may live any distance from there. Also the site is not 100% accurate. Also when I retrieved the IP address, it was from an account file corrupted by his packet spamming, so I cant even guarantee it’s his IP but it probably is. Just thought I’d post in case someone else matches the IP with another account as its likely a duplicate account he uses when he’s feeling naughty… (translate: bad ass uber hacker O.o)

Just add the IP to your ipbans.txt and see if he shows up anymore after that. If so ban his proxys until you get tired of banning him or he gives up being a dumb ass with no life.

lets take his ip and make his head explode because you can do that

I got two copyright infringement notices this week. If I lived in the USA I would probably owe $500,000 to the movie companies. They keep getting my IP and o the last one they caught me with I only seeded for about three seconds… Now I have to get proxies and VPNs so Telus doesn’t take away my Internet. true story

How is that a copyright infringment? A copyright infringment is if you sell your shit and call it Skittles

Lol…waiting for someone to mention Graal

Zelda Online.
Nuff said

Get a better ISP. The ISP has to reveal your identity after the media rights group gives them your IP. If your ISP chooses not to reveal it, you’re in the clear. Comcast is notorious for revealing that information, while others are said to be a little more lax about it. After all, it’s a potential lost customer and a hassle for them to handle as well.

I got my first letters last year. Charter, lol.

My uncle just HAD to download porn.

Been damn fine looking at naked furry men for years and one guy gets on my internet to see some tits and I thats what happens!!

Wait… U mean your UNCLE had been watching furry gay porn?

I lol’d at this thread.

Zelda Online didn’t make money.

I currently have received 3 warning letters from Charter. 2 for movies and 1 for a GBA rom pack believe it or not. Charter has threatened to revoke service for repeat offenders. So far no fines or service cut. I use proxys now when I need to have something and if its a major release that is probably being tracked, I just buy it if I have to have it that bad.

Some of us are in the unfortunate circumstances of living in a geographical region where only 1 ISP is available. My choices are Charter or Charter… When I lived in Goldsboro I had TimeWarner and they were awesome, but they dont cover Princeton.

Other than packet spamming which causes the server to act up and sometimes crash? Not that I’m aware of. I have noticed that his packet spamming causes corruption in his account file and causes RC to display junk/ random ASCII characters and the gserver output gets filled with invalid packet error reports. Once you try to read the corrupt account file, everything else you try to do results in corrupt/invalid packet reports until the server crashes or you restart.

i been illegally obtaining games/movies online for years, no proxy…I guess my isp doesnt really care if I just download and not seed :stuck_out_tongue:

the trick is not to use your internet to download illegal stuff. you go to the store and steal it.

Or bring you laptop to a public WIFI hotspot such as mcdonalds. I work the night shift there and I see fat old dudes sitting out in the parking lot probably downloading kiddyporn.


my uncle goes to mcdonalds/jacks for that now yes
also no im the only gay furry in my family for the record
I mean that I know of

he was looking at naked wimmenz thats why he must go to jail

i look at furries
im legal bro

he hacked my rc.