README: Should rename 'YOURACCOUNT.txt' to Kuji, not Kuji.txt line 13.

I believe this is a documentation bug. YOURACCOUNT.TXT is an owner account with RC rights on folders.
If you do as said, the server will create a Kuji file for the account, with normal user rights, rather than use the Kuji.txt file.
Kuji.txt will be ignored. At least that what happened for me on 2.4 released version.

I intend to rename YOURACCOUNT.TXT to YOURACCOUNT in svn, and change the comment for Kuji rather than Kuji.txt
Any objection?

wait for an answer from nalin about this.

Looking in the svn - all account files should be saved with a .txt extension

        // Get the file name for the account.
        CString accountFileName = server->getAccountsFileSystem()->fileExistsAs(CString() << accountName << ".txt");
        if (accountFileName.isEmpty()) accountFileName = CString() << accountName << ".txt";

        // Save the account now.
        CString accpath = CString() << server->getServerPath() << "accounts/" << accountFileName;
        if (!
                server->getRCLog().out("** Error saving account: %s\
", accountName.text());

Looks like OP is wrong, does he really have commit access to our SVN?

Also, awesome photo cadavre lol

I am afraid I do have commit access. Unless it changed very recently without me knowing. I almost expect my rights to disappear because my recent posts.
But I think I did had the same problem with released 2.4 about one year and a half ago. But looking to the logs, the code did not seems to have changed since at least before 2.4, so I don’t know.

It sounds like you have Windows Explorer set to hide file extensions. ACCOUNTNAME.txt is how accounts are stored. The instructions are correct, although they should probably mention a thing or two about file extensions. If you have file extensions hidden, you would only see “YOURACCOUNT” without the .txt extension. If you then renamed it to “YOURACCOUNT.txt”, the actual file name would be “YOURACCOUNT.txt.txt”. At least, that is what I think is going on with you.

:redface: I think it is it.
You’re very good at understanding newbies.

Nalin made me lol

Thanks. =) And yes he has commit access. He’s actually been fixing some build-errors and such, and since no one else was contributing I gave him commit-access.