Reborn Group Chat

I’ll start the chat then, I have a number of reborn members on skype. If I don’t already have you on skype and you’d like to join, add me: allofthegoodnamesaretaken101.

I should rent a Teamspeak server, infact. That’s what i’ll do.

Please don’t throw away money like that

Nobody wants to actually talk to each other.

spooon is hater

this is my song for you fuckin haterz

lets go find this hater and put a bullet in his fuckin head cause hes gonna be the one dying no one else every motherfuckin member of this crew is gonna be the one livin haters the one thats gonna die so lets make it quick wheres the hater at lets go find him hes down on the fre hes down on the freeway 283 were goin down we have a gun a bullet and were heading for him its goin right in his fuckin head hes gonna be the one down on the ground now hes gonna feel the hot the hot rush in his fuckin head hes gonna be the one that sees it all at the end hes gonna the one goin to hell cause he dissed on us motherfuckin juggalos us juggalos riders dont fuckin play were gonna we say were gonna kill you we fuckin mean it so dont even tempt us because youre just at the fuckin road of dying youre on the way to hell alright lets find him now were on the road goin down gettin off the intersection at 283 there he is see one hater pop second hater pop motherfuckers runnin hopped in his car lets go down and find em we got out started runnin we found him i popped him in his leg he fell on the ground cocked my gun again looked him straight in the eyes and i said bitch watchu gonna do now im standing over him hes like dude please dont kill me i got a lot to live for i said fuck you its your time to die youre gonna feel the rush your bloods goin all over the fuckin drain hes the one whos gonna die dad replay the beat yeah okay looked him in the eyes and i said fuck you hater you put me through a lot of shit motherfucking fido came into my house killed my family and killed us all but guess what im still livin i got this fuckin scratch he cut me with a knife now im on his fuckin place im standing here over him but wait a minute here comes an suv i turned around they shot two of my homies ben was on the ground hes hit my other homie hes dead i was pissed took my gun i shot at em three times but heres the thing they had bullet proof glass hit me i fucking fell on the ground they smacked me with the car door got out the van got out the suv started draggin their guy i shot the one drivin got him right in the fucking head the other one had an m16 so i shot him in the fuckin heart other one popped out the suv with an uzi so i went gunshot hes dead too this motherfuckers tryin to crawl in the suv and go away i said fuck you youre gonna die killed my homie man getchur ass up i want you to see this this what we came here to do this motherfuckers gonna die now the guns at his head hes going to fuckin hell here we go thats for my homie thats for ben this is for me and the rest of my homies 

hosler, jatz or I could set up a teamspeak server for free. Don’t be stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

We can host one on the ded box if you want @ Cadavre. I don’t have a problem with it.

I think I’m with spooon on this one.

But I wanted to chat you up.

Send me a kangaroo suit if you want my love

You don’t like them joeys? :cool:

Talk on the forums.

Yeah, the group chat is shit.

Lol no. I have new friends now.

Sorry, it’s all my bad puns right?

You never showed up, noob

Chat killed the forums for real this time.

Chat killed our forums, too. Whoops! Skype is pretty bloaty and junk, but it seems to work out decently…

I’ll post here if someone else posts here.