Reborn Group Chat

Has the idea of a group chat come up yet?
It doesn’t necessarily have to be Skype, I heard awhile back that some of you guys were chatting on aol or whatever it’s called…

I think it would be great to have something like that and more open to the community,
I usually want to hop on servers just to play with some of the members and join the fun but I don’t really have any close ties to anyone here
so I can’t really “invite” anyone per say,
I also run into some trouble from time to time with fragments of code and I think I could do without making a thread every time.
It could also be a great way for us all to collaborate, maybe not on a GR server cuz I know how some of the members here feel about that,
but other things…

Anyway, it’s just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Well we have our own irc server

Oh right, wasn’t there an addon somewhere on the forums to access it?

Don’t know. Just get a client and connect to server channel #graal

irc sucks.

You can’t be a proper nerd without seeing the benefits of an irc channel full of idlers.

I’m too young to know how this irc thing works…stop soiling my youth :frowning:

Too many idlers, it’s making my brain hurt.

Irc is an excellent medium for support.

weird how it’s not kicking you, huh :slight_smile:

I love IRC, but a Skype group would be fantastic as well.

I’ll start one up, post your skype names here if you’re interested.



Jatz can add me to the group.

Add me, please!


Will do, when I’m added myself

Just use irc. You can access it from anywhere if you use irssi+screens.

Whatever happened to

It’s now just

You guys have to add me as a contact. So far I’ve only got Jatz on my list :slight_smile: