Reborn Server Scripts?

Okay hello all, I can host and join and upload level into world folder. How do I give myself access through rc to all these files all. Which is the bodies. Weapons. .exe all of the files I can enter, which folder or player rights to I give or do for me to be able to do this? Also where do I place the scripts like let say I have a boots.txt file, where do I place these. And what are the other folders for which scripts are they for. Also sorry about a few questions but how can I use the set(command) command, when I say sethead 1-whatever number it works. But customs heads don’t and also when I use setbody body.png or eith numbers it doesn’t work, I relised after I gave myself some sort of folder right of I think heads not positive I was able to use the command and worked, how can I use those set commands ? Some don’t seem to work. How do I upload from inside rc…I can upload my worlds from rc I figured that right out but I’m not sure if other folders and such…:mad: I didn’t want to create a new thread so I said mostly things im stuck on here, also just to say how can I expand my map, when I create a new.nw level it is a something by something box, how can I expand it where like I can build a full city on that 1 level like in graal the city where that’s one big level outside area.NOTE:YOU CAN ANSWER IN PARTS OF EACH QUESTION YOU MAY KNOW SO NOT A HASTLE!

My god