Registered Abuser

Who thinks i Deserve that title? :open_mouth:

Are you?


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I dont think you get it…

I really don’t.

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Arent those the pedofile guys on watchdog?

:confused: no…i just want that title :3

I want the title of “The Lad With Schizophrenia”

make a new account ask tricxta it works out well

what do you abuse?

“Registered abusee” it means.

i want the title
“Annoying iNoob”

Ooh, can I has: ‘Bored Person’? (°ヮ°)

If he gets ‘Bored Person’, can i have ‘Over-Ambitious Person’? ^someothersmileylikethat one^

why do people want such strange titles?

can i have the title “Nigga” or havethe donor title back

Oh for pl0x saekz! Nobody will get what’s to be ever so jealous of it because it’s soo racist! You have a poor taste! Go home and be a family man! (・、・)

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to be racist myself. Instead, I’m talking you out of it!
PS: Blowing off steam!
your mother was a hamster

I like whales.

im the hero of misc and a furfag

im also a donor

im just a gay senior member D:

Can I have Silverware Moderation?

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VIP can change their titles; can Donors?

i cant think of anything cool