Registrations closed for now...

Since we have this massive influx of spambots, we have temporarily disabled new registrations. If you need to register, contact me here or on [email protected]!

Altered the registration, now asks a question about what this site is about with a hint to answer the question. Answer is Graal Reborn if anyone can’t figure it out from the hint lol…

Something tells me people arent going to get that question right

Good way to make sure everyone in the community has an iq over 10 then.

That’s because nobody will ban them. :open_mouth:

Oh my…

How about you just integrate keycaptcha? Works great for my site.

I believe that’s what is already installed for vbulletin. Seems xrumer now can bypass that. – Anyway I forgot to enable the registration question, it is registered now.

Edit To confirm that: - xrumer does indeed pass keycaptcha’s now as of about two weeks ago, explains the uprise in forum spam.

Actually, reCaptcha was the one that was enabled. I enabled keycaptcha. We’ll see how that does. If it fails, let’s use the question.

EDIT: Keycaptcha isn’t even installed right. It doesn’t work and the system defaults to reCaptcha. I’ll fix this.
EDIT: Got it working.

Seen it before when i was testing registering, thats the picture matching thing right? Regardless with that, and the question i doubt we will get spam anymore which is good. lol, shame that’s the only people who ever post here.

This one must be trying to prove a point.