should we have them and if so what should they be?

For servers we ought to at least have a posted checklist of basic expectations a server should meet to move up the server listings.

On bronze level you’d be looking at properly linked levels, image files uploaded, and so forth. Servers shouldn’t even be obtaining Silver if there’s nothing to do, not sure GR’s active enough to require a regular player count. Gold should probably be reserved for stable specialty servers, with nothing classic. (GR main server could be the exception if it were ever made and of quality.) Ideally this would encourage people to take the extra effort to bring new types of content to GR.

Remakes shouldn’t exceed bronze unless they have been updated significantly. (At least cleaned up enough to where the old scripts have been revised and everything is stable.)

Yes, and good question

It really depends on the type of server it is Id guess

Here’s one.

People who own a playerworld cannot be PWA. It causes baised opinions, and you’ll be focusing on your own server instead of others.

good call on that. also level detail and the way there made.

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thats like 97% of GR, and Not true i always take the time to help other ppls server even if i am busy as all hell.

It looks like that 3% has a chance at being PWA.

PWA’s that owns playerworlds can not set the type of their own playerworld, they’d have to consult with other members of PWA about that instead.

PWA can’t contain more than one person from one and same PW.

i do have to disagree with the whole judgeing it by the quest it has and such for certion types of servers yes but if u have servers like Boomer, would have to be judged diffrent.

Fair enough, but I’m sure everybody else is going to argue with you on it.

Regardless I also think there shouldn’t be anything classic styled on the Gold tab, it should definitely be reserved for the variety factor. I’d go as far as to say we shouldn’t even call it the Gold tab, but I can’t remember if we had the ability to change that.

I like this.

Then I guess remove me beening that Urza and I work on Kandora together.

yup so first 1 would have to determine the type of server with the team, and see hwo it should be judged after that.

Urza’s staff on every server, I don’t think he’s prone to be biased by it like the rest of GR.

Bomber Arena could be considered “complete”. It was made to be a Bomberman server. It has seven Bomberman stages, and then some. Customizable bombs, sparring, furniture, two of the pieces of furniture are games (Breakout! and Snake), and a Cave Story clone easily make the server seem rather “complete” to me.

as in idea all servers should be bumped down to Bronze and judged to see were they should go, so ppl cant say thats not fair it was there before this started and its junk ect. ect.

When I said checklist I meant an outline for basic standards, if somebody’s got enough sense to make something special they’ll probably understand the checklist isn’t really what they’re being judged on. It’s not rocket science…

I mean yes in the case of a server such as bomber there would have to be exceptions.
Seeing as it’s unique and in it’s day was a very popular server (would pick back up again if we all still hung out on it like we used too) but as Various said, “Gold should probably be reserved for stable specialty servers, with nothing classic.” Bomber is the closest thing to that description that we have. It also meets the requirements for bronze and silver as is.

However, i spoke too soon after i read Various’ first post. I feel like in certain cases Classic servers should be made gold. If it’s a well-made server with a complete storyline then it should at least have a chance to be gold…

damn everyone else got in on that before me

that it is

That’s why it’s protected. It’s type can not be changed by anyone but the people that has access to the mysql-server.

Two servers are good enough to be Classic, everything else should be bumped down. (GTA and Lumina)