Hey, guess who is back! :dangerless:

I have reinstated Dangerless as an Admin, to do who knows what really. He is a trustable person and has invested a lot of time and patience into moderating the forums. He has also done some more peaceful work for the community by creating Youtube videos and keeping IRC more active at times.

He still has a life, and his duties will not be much different from beforehand so do not expect “big changes”.

Any problems that arise from this can be forwarded to me about it. - Beholder

Cool as cheese.

Aww. So does that mean I can’t get away with flooding every topic with post after post that just says “penis lol” anymore?

No taxation moderation without representation!

Probably not.

But he does represent, “yo”.

I’m cool with it, but I’ll complain if he starts banning me off the forums or moving my topics =P

Consider it a guided suggestion or hint. O_o No instigating from either of you.

Revenge = Okay (Because generally, you deserve it)
Revenge for Revenge / First Attacks = Not Okay (Because you’re disrupting balance and adding to a cycle)


I don’t like things that come and go it’s so baww

but he’s not a thing
so I guess it’s okay
I’ve also been told I might be his replacement or anti-thesis, but more in a social way

Administrate us well sir