Relics from Silmaria


Former player from 00 - 04, obtained the 1.4 levels pack, enjoying myself very much. Pretty sure I obtained every weapon, item, and heart available through the normal gameplay, however I believe one remains. I recently asked the ‘Graal the Adventure’ Facebook page via FB messenger about the Starcon Firemines and if there were any level packs that still had this item. Whoever is managing the page responded informing me that they should be in the library of Silmaria (Old Graal/Historical Graal…I feel they also implied that they should be there, in that level, in the pack that I have). I explored Silmaria as thoroughly as I could but I cannot find the library. Does anyone know if the library may have been removed/not included? Or if I just need to…look more closley-er?? (Don’t need a full path, would appreciate a small hint though).

Please disregard this inquiry, the GTA page messaged me informing me the Starcon Firemines were in a release past v1.4