Removal from Groups (triggerhack)

I would like a triggerhack to remove people from groups.

What groups?

Private instancing of a level between a group of players.

Unsure but you might be able to remove a person from a group, by retriggering it without them in it. I don’t get the whole group logic still, never used the commands yet either.

triggeraction 0,0,gr.setgroup,;
Set their group to empty to return to normal functionality.

What if you want to remove another player from the group? Say you are party “leader” and wish to kick someone out?

Then I believe you use:

Why, then you update to the latest revision and use the gr.setplayergroup triggeraction!

triggeraction 0,0,gr.setplayergroup,accountname,groupname;

Shazam, the system works!