Reputation Leaders page

There is a Top Posters page, gotta have one for reputation too.

Achievement whore.

Go play XBox. Beholder would be #1 on Reputation. lol
Unless that’s a custom edit because I see both Spoo and Nalin with the same comment.

I didn’t even notice the top poster’s page. :smiley:

I don’t think you can earn rep anymore…I think? Nonetheless though, I wonder how many posts are invalid, since they were bought over from the move from SMF and many of the threads were lost.

I checked my CP and it still shows my points going up.

You get points for posting, and points for rep.
I have the most points, ergo, I have the most rep. Sorry Spooon, you’re still #2 in that category. O_o

Still want at least a page for points.

wow beholder, did you do that?
just shows how much rep you have…

Reputation page. Now.

I probably had the most rep until I deleted myself.

Tada. He didn’t make it. He’s just copying Rufus.

I probably have the least :smiley:


Do this one, too.