Request aimed at Sublime or Rileyfirey

Hello! I lack all talent when it comes to drawing things from scratch. I noticed that both of the things you 2 draw are VERY good quality. I was wondering how good either of you are at actually drawing say like a small sketch of a face of a character… Sorry if this doesn’t explain it well enough. I’m not talking about like tiles, i just mean like an actual drawing… Please let me know =] I just need like a thing or 2 but don’t know if you 2 get into drawing or only do pixel art. Thanks!

Sorry Ken

My bad Ken, I just saw this.

I’m so and so Character Pixel Art.
Hand sketching how ever I can do great.

I mean I can do pretty good Character Pixel Art (Portrait, Anime, Chibi, Cartoon, Animals)
However I broke my walcom tablet awhile back.

If I do make you something, you may have to wait awhile. lol

Again, sorry about not seeing this thread until 29 days later . . . :frowning:

[PS: Which sucks because I need the walcom tablet to do some neat little drawings for the playerworld]