[request] How to use the editor

I have tried to use the editor (either F4 in client version 2.2.2 and older) or the apart program for client 2.3.1 (eh… I think)…

But it strange… I seems to see black empty ‘level’…
but it looks there is some obstacles I don’t see…
well, I get that too on some online worlds… like the one with a dying man…

Basically, I can easily add an NPC (color warrior)… and play.
But I am totally unable to add a Tree, Bush or something similar.

It is unclear how much I am supposed to be able to do with the editor.

Can it be used for scripting?
Is is supposed to allow to add lake, bush, etc?

What operating system do you use?
Did you try to delete the contents of levels/tiledefs?

Make a random NPC, put it anywhere in the level, then


It should work for you then.

HAHA, He’s talking about Noddess. Benjiro, how many times has it been that I have told you to Fix your tile issues.

just open ur graal folder delete ur filenamecashe.txt and reopen the editor it will fix ur problem

Actually, things have somehow automagically fixed themselves now without having to use your tricks… but I’ll remember them… if the thread stay here. :slight_smile:

Now, I still seems to have problem linking the messages inside the sign editor, with a sign I add to the level… I would expect to simply double-click my sign to edit the message… but I guess it would be too easy. :slight_smile:

You have to find out the coordinates of your sign on the grid, and then plug them into the sign editor. Hover your mouse over the bottom left part of your sign, and use that coordinate in the X/Y plane.

Yeah… I am able to put text on my signs now

Yeah! It works…
I find chest easier however…
But then, it seems almost anything (not grass) can be a sign.
So somehow this is most powerfull.

select a tile (Click and Drag of course) and the top left part of the tile is the digit that comes first and you can use that co-ordinate for your sign.

I was waiting for a complaint–I’ll go ahead and shift any servers not using prefixes to hidden on Saturday. I know about Noddess but PM me any other potential offenders and I’ll make sure to check up on them at the end of the week as well.

Xialza used to not use a prefix. Fixed that after I went to staff only. :open_mouth:
What will you do to my server? Because it’s already staff only, lol.

I don’t really give a shit, I’m taking out the trash! But seriously anything visible when I log on Saturday that fucks up my tileset by not using prefixes gets the boot until it’s right.

I was not understanding this prefix stuff until I read: