[Request] Mountains for a Medevial Theme World Map :)

hi all, i guess i post this here. i am looking for mountains to be made as a seperate gif/or png file for my world map. they need to be no bigger then 200x200 pixel in a ratio sense (going off paintshop pro standards 7.0) brown, pointy etc.

  • first mountain is facing forward and has a path leading up into it
  • second i need a repeat of mountains leading horizontally and vertically with easy placing them beside eachother so they sit sync.
  • lastly they should look a bit cartoony, not so realistic type stuff, but a bit more colourful i guess is the best way to explain it, think final fantasy snes world maps.

i request this with upmost apreciation to anyone who could do this for me. i would do this myself, but i am no good with mountains, i got my trees done, and towns, camps, rocks, ponds, etc. but i cant do mountains for the life of me.

i am working on a roleplay server, i used to work for kharlia (which is now valikorlia) on graal offical way back in the day, if you need say a sword or weapon made i would gladly trade, or if you would like a position on my server working as a graphics artist, this is a very good possibility as well.

credit will be given to the person who can help me with this, and your mountains will be fitted into a world map tileset im working on. again, if you would like to help as well, feel free to message me or get back to me here.

thank you for your time.


Well, I’m currently busy with my own things, which haven’t included doing cliff tiles yet. I would have to recommend, well, sprite ripping and/or using google to find them.

Use the sprite rip as a general guideline, use complimenting pallettes to the rest of the overworld. Increase contrast (sharper colors) if the rest of the world is looking saturated. This will make the mountains stand out more and in turn, signify they are “blocking”.

those look really good. and that is a good idea. no harm in redraws. graal was founded ont hem hehe

What game is the “snow.png” from?

A custom work, someone’s own project. Like the RPG Maker types.

Inquisitor made that for RPG Maker XP. There’s also regular brown mountains on his tile sheet, along with many other good looking tiles, though he’s a little picky about what people use it for.

yeah i downloaded it as well as a couple of others. i might just map seperate graphics and what not for the world map when i find time to do it. im just trying to get the first island area finished.

Yep. Remember Wyand on Val? His world map that he claimed he created 100% was just a game rip, lmao. I don’t remember what game anymore, since it’s not one I played. But Genelite had showed me screenshots of it. I took ‘his’ rip and began improoving it for my own needs on Marduk, lol