Requesting permission to host Graal The Adventure

If this is the Graal The Adventure Classic I am thinking of then I would like permission to be the primary host for it.
Currently I am running a slightly modified version from the year 2000, but if there is a new and better fixed updated version out there I would like to have it. I promise that I would just host it and not spread it around if that is a concern.
Admins that ran the last Classic Gserver would be granted full admin rights on my server.
This server runs 24/7 on a 3Ghz Pentium 4 box with 2Gb ram, 4 hard drives with about 300Gb free space running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. The connection is a dedicated FIOS with 5MBps upstream and the IP hasn’t changed in over a year and a half since I signed up for that connection.
If you don’t want me running it or don’t want me using the name “Graal The Adventure” then I can change it to something else like “Old Graal”
I thought since the last server with that name is down with no plans of coming back that it’d be cool, if for some reason it is not then that’s okay too, I won’t get mad or lose any sleep over it.
It’d just be cool if I didn’t have to clean up older broken levels by myself.

The server “Graal the Adventures” is already registered so you’ll have to do something else. Marlon was hosting Classic 2004 for kalzor and I a while ago, not sure why he took it down. kalzor and I put a lot of work into it adding quests and fixing a lot of stuff, and it sucks that it’s not online.

after what I heard about GOATSE Land I’m afraid to step onto GTA if it’s hosted by you. lmao

Ceiling cats and a map shaped like GOATSE. Not really that bad.

Don’t worry it’s just the regular Graal Classic levels from 1998 to 2000.
If I was gonna make a troll server I would name it something obvious or I would simply pretend to be someone else, get staff rights on other peoples servers then add all the classic troll and shock images to them, but I won’t do that to any Graal Reborn listed servers. If I’m gonna troll and shock people I will give a fair warning first :wink:
I also renamed the server to “Old Graal” to avoid any confusion or conflicts. Still lots of stuff to clean up before it runs 100% smoothly with the newer servers and clients, and about half the stuff works half the time right now. I also have plans for another completely original server, but this will take awhile. I am hosting this classic map because I like having some memory of what graal used to be laying around.

That actually sounds like it would be a riot.

Thing is, I’ve known Viper for years, even if he doesn’t recall who I am.

If I can get ahold of cad to get the files I’ll get the to you, viper.

Ack! I don’t want them spread around. Nobodies allowed to have a working version of 2004! >:O

Whoever is fixing graal classic server life mountain mountainblob9.nw
is broken saying life to get past npc will not work.

why is there two of the same graals up?

I don’t know what you are talking about, because it fucking works for me every single time I hear someone report this.

well someone is hosting two different ones one is graal classic same quests otheri s old graal same quests

your English is so bothersome

Oh sheesh… Die thread, die!

Graal The Adventure is now hosted again! Apparently the gserver was still connected to the listserver on the old Graal Reborn server (mine). I’ll use the old server for (perhaps free or cheap as fuck) serverhosting with a little help from Hosler.

If you have to pay for the serverhosting, the money will be considered donations for Graal Reborn.

Hey i fixed stuff on graal the adventure too dood