Does anyone have the large purple bat npc and/or know where I saw it? It was in a cave somewhere on one of our server’s I think. Also the spider npc, and any other recommended similar creatures?


Who are you?


Who are you?

… why would you ask me who I am right here and why does it matter who I am and where is the community at


community is cool be happy and friendly to people and they will like it here!


pew pew spoon that’s who I am, what say you


Are you asking me because you think I could be that one guy?

I’m not…? He’s obvious, and I’m obscure. and if you’re not asking for that reason then does anyone have a facepalm graphic?

And if it’s neither I don’t understand, so who am I well uh I was outlaw892, before that a long time ago I was like “Lord Eric” on UN as a gat, probably most common name? 10 years ago. Um other than that I was Uber Soldat on some server I think babylon… remember uberfastsword and the wings? yeah I started those that’s me… idk what else to tell you about who I am. you want a bio can we keep it like friendly and not too personal or what is this.

I want to set the record straight on this because I have something badass but I don’t get it and I don’t know what to think of you asking me that SPOOOON, so nice to meet you and you got any bats or spiders or creatures bro hook it up for the swgos


Hey outlaw, I haven’t seen that bat NPC but if you could put more specific info about its behavior maybe we could help you find something similar. Or maybe I could whip up something, given it’s not too complex.

Don’t mind spooon, he’s angsty; always has been, will always be.


Hey 2ndwolf, it was the sprites I was hoping for, it was a bat about a few levels into one of the first caves on classic. I think, but I couldn’t find my way back and it’s not in my graphics folder.

I can always make a new one but it had a perfect Sprite to match a small and a boss bat I have graphics for.

As far as coding something let me take a rain check and get this server up. Mostly all clean working and currently remade endor as the home planet a couple times trying to get the right look, but otherwise I think this server should delvier on something fresh. Also planning to clear records of it when ready and keep it quiet mostly. I would really like to have the community grow it so planning on keeping that open and all help is welcome.


Also can I get a private group so I can post Dev logs and track progress and things to do here? Would be easier than a separate forum once I get some staff.


Just make a discord server for your staff…