Does anyone have the large purple bat npc and/or know where I saw it? It was in a cave somewhere on one of our server’s I think. Also the spider npc, and any other recommended similar creatures?

Who are you?

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Who are you?

… why would you ask me who I am right here and why does it matter who I am and where is the community at

community is cool be happy and friendly to people and they will like it here!

Hey outlaw, I haven’t seen that bat NPC but if you could put more specific info about its behavior maybe we could help you find something similar. Or maybe I could whip up something, given it’s not too complex.

Don’t mind spooon, he’s angsty; always has been, will always be.

Hey 2ndwolf, it was the sprites I was hoping for, it was a bat about a few levels into one of the first caves on classic. I think, but I couldn’t find my way back and it’s not in my graphics folder.

I can always make a new one but it had a perfect Sprite to match a small and a boss bat I have graphics for.

As far as coding something let me take a rain check and get this server up. Mostly all clean working and currently remade endor as the home planet a couple times trying to get the right look, but otherwise I think this server should delvier on something fresh. Also planning to clear records of it when ready and keep it quiet mostly. I would really like to have the community grow it so planning on keeping that open and all help is welcome.

Also can I get a private group so I can post Dev logs and track progress and things to do here? Would be easier than a separate forum once I get some staff.

Just make a discord server for your staff…