Revive GR


I cant’ finish swg I think I’m done with games - too much to handle so I can get free time in life back. I got what I wanted -mostly - out of it - finish it if you have time/ I wish I could. Life just hit here. Be good people. Get over the reborn in the name and life and live and get past the petty problems and make peace and security.

And work hard until mid 2020 and go with what’s real and stop with the meaninglessness. And I broke up w the fake * I was with that was obsessed with Star Wars. So that. And uh

work your ass off the end of 2020 we ride irl. No star wars. Just irl

Word to the wise. I’m out. Peace and wellness and be alive Gr



Good thing, I told you from the start your project wasn’t a good idea. Have a good life.