Reviving an old project

Hello fellow Graal Rebornians! Recently I have been granted the gift (or curse) of vast amounts of free time, and with this time have decided to reboot an old project that I was working on years ago. I’ve worked on a few servers on Graal Online in my youth, Symphonia being the most active. After working on other various projects over the years I would like to revisit this project and give it another try with a better understanding of the game development process (and some sharpened skills).
I am making this post not because I am attempting to advertise for a server that has yet to see any actual development, but because I am attempting to make a meaningful comeback into the Graal community. I’m really just looking to make some new friends in the process of this endeavor. It’s good to see a little more activity in the forums than there was last time I tried this, but the servers seem to be dead, which is making me wonder how much effort should be put into this project.
So… what’s been going on lately with Graal Reborn?

not a whole lot going on in one place. quite a few members are working on cool personal projects, but not a lot of team development atm. we had a community server but it’s development went to a standstill. overall happy to see anyone here though

I’m just glad to see that graal reborn hasn’t died off. At least there’s still activity going on development-wise. I honestly thought reborn would be the death of legit graal with the private server aspect. It’s good to see a few familiar faces in the community still around.
I’m rebooting my Ethereal Odyssey server, I have to start from scratch but I have alot more experience under my belt so I will probably get alot more done this time. I’d love to see some of these projects bare fruit and help reborn gain some activity back. I’ll do my best to contribute to that.

If you get to the point where you have a sizable amount of content wherein you need a Player-World sub, let me know and I’ll activate one for you.

It probably would have been had someone had the knowledge and will to create a proper NPC server 8+ years ago.

I have a specific storyline and graphics style that I’m working with, from a personal rpg project unrelated to graal. I’ve got quite a bit of content already through the concept stages so it’s pretty much just translating it all into a graal server. Some questions I have are:
-Have there been progress with gmaps?
-Anything notable about the progress of the NPC server? (Such as the possibility of tile changes depending on the season, using real-world time)
The biggest thing would be working gmaps, I’ve yet to try it but the second question wouldn’t be such a big problem and could be worked around manually if needed.
If this project shows enough interest in the future, I’d most definitely need some help with hosting as I’m currently borrowing a neighbor’s internet and my connection cuts in and out at times. It’s not something I’m seeking help with right now though, I want to get a considerable amount finished before I’d even worry about finding someone trustworthy to help host a 24/7 server.
I appreciate any help you guys could lend, Graal Reborn helped develop my interest in game design and gave me a space to develop my skills at an early age. Legit graal gave me just enough interest to want to learn more but with the high costs for an account and a server, I wasn’t able to do more than learn some of the basics. This is where I was able to test my own ideas and gave me inspiration, I’m coming back now years later just hoping to give something back that could maybe help bring a little life back into the servers. If we could get a couple diverse servers up and running I’d be willing to go on an aggressive advertising campaign on various communities to try to draw in a crowd lol…
This is all still simple dreaming at this point though.