stop editing posts that arent yours. stop saying stupid shit that pisses me off too.

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no shit, but i feel like i need to say something. when i see “last edited by riley” i have no idea if what is posted by that person is what they want to say or just what you want them to say, which is lame as shit.

That’s right. A Super Mod that cares what people think of them will never have control of the forums.

stop. more than half of these forums is turning into your bullshit. it started with your little deletion descriptions, which are fucking everywhere by the way. now you edit other people’s posts. so i cant even ignore you without still having to read what you think about everything. you are like going on a power trip or something and it’s annoying as hell.

go ahead and delete yourself out of this thread. you can leave the part where you call me a baby if that makes you feel better.

Sup babe.

dont close this thread either. i will use it like a stress ball.

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It is kinda annoying, I mean no offence, but hosler is almost 99.99% right about it. I kinda get annoyed when I see my post “Last edited by RileyFiery;” also, I kinda want to know what shit went down when I was out besides going into a thread with more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese.

「 yawn… (-、-`) 」

I chortled a little at my folly there.
It’s funny because it’s true.

But, but, but, you’re only funny because you’re so cynical. What the fuck.

what the fuck

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riley sucks. thank you.

Bwaha, Someone took rep away from me because of this post. Grow some fucking balls.

yeah! let the rage flow!

PS. Riley, could you please stop closing damn threads (Yes, even the Misc. Threads) when they go at least a little bit off track? I keep seeing damn locks on threads that people might be able to go back to next month and get some use out of a reply to it.