Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition

play it, and post your scores (screenshot the highscore thing with the final score)

mine with the scores I actually got (finished game without restarting using the “rewind” button to reset the flash app)

Pfft 29k, I don’t feel like playing games right now…

Metal one seems dodgier than the normal one, when I press jump half the time it won’t respond and I have to hit it like 5 times quickly before he jumps :frowning:

Might be a problem with your browser, or something else, the controls didn’t seem to be buggy per say.

should have had dethklok music instead

For fish only.

Makes me think “anyone got a sloppy burger?”

Says the guy who is obsessed with burgers! :\

I’m obsessed with pizza or types of pasta.


But but but, every time I see you post food half the time it’s a burger!

It’s an illusion. What the hell you smokinz…

hes smoking catnip

Dangerless’ uneaten burger 1

Dangerless’ uneaten burger 2

Are you going to eat that? Or shall I?

First one is Downsider.

Nah, Dangerless done stole Downsider’s burger ya’ll hear.

Yes. This is true, it’s also the very reason why he will troll me whenever he gets the chance. :slight_smile:

Oh, woops! I get them mixed up, maybe it’s the fact that they start with the same letter and have the same number of letters (they don’t actually!). :stuck_out_tongue: I suck!